About Glide Missoula

Glide Missoula is Western Montana’s hub for hang gliding and paragliding in and around the Missoula area.

Missoula’s Mount Sentinel is home to the oldest registered and longest running inland hang gliding site through the US Hang gliding and Paragliding Association, and has been an integral part of Montana sport aviation since the early 1970’s. The smooth grassy face of this unique site offers perfect conditions for training pilots new to the sport, offering instructional flights, and producing lift for advanced pilots soaring the skies of Missoula. Known as the Hub of Five Valleys, winds from the Bitterroot, Clark Fork, and Flathead valleys converge in Missoula and can carry gliders to great heights….with altitude records approaching 15,000 feet and distance records nearing Helena at 100 miles! Mount Jumbo also provides fantastic opportunities for paragliding above the cityscape. These sites are made possible through cooperation with the US Forest Service, the City of Missoula Parks and Rec Department, and the University of Montana, and we are grateful for their contributions in keeping sport aviation alive in the city of Missoula.

Western Montana has many other sites that are often linked to the clouds. Some locations include the Bitterroot Range, lower Clark Fork drainage, Flathead Valley, Seeley Swan, Philipsburg, Anaconda, and the East Ridge of Butte. Contact Glide Missoula for local contact information.

If you are looking for information about each site’s location as well as rules and regulations, head to MOUNT SENTINEL or MOUNT JUMBO for details on how to get in touch with the community and know the details BEFORE you fly.

Club Officers

President: Paul Roys
Vice President:
Secretary: Jen Bedell
Treasurer: Casey Schaefer

USHPA Safety Officers: Derek Goldman and Jeff Shapiro
USHPA Regional Examiner: Karl Hallman
U of M Liaison: Carson Cantrell


USHPA Observers
Paul Roys
Derek Goldman
Josh Winstead
Don Lange
Ben Brunsvold
Joshua Phillips

Club Observers
Karl Hallman
Bill Smith
Chris Gibisch
Joshua Phillips
Dexter Hale
Jeff Shapiro
Steve Gerrard
Boyd Hartwig
Jen Bedell
Nicholas Franczyk